chypre fragrance

Your chypre fragrance promises you a return to nature in a chypre bouquet. Discover our collection of Ynepsie perfumes and our perfumes with chypre notes for men and women made in France.

History of chypre perfumes

The origin of the word “chypre” perfume, known as “perfumes of Cyprus”, dates back to 1588 when Cyprus exported perfumed gloves. In the 1850s, perfumers made chypre perfume fashionable in Paris and Europe.

The chypre is based on the following ingredients: bergamot , cistus labdanum and holm oak moss. Over time, the foam turned out to be allergenic and was replaced by synthetic components. Cyprus is often associated with jasmine or even patchouli to create an assembly of floral and fruity bouquets.

Easy to match with the olfactory notes of favorite bouquets and fruits such as mirabelle plum, raspberry, peony… the chypre fragrance makes the man or woman who wears it want to go out and assert their elegance.

Colors in pastel, peach and white tones go well with chypre notes. Your fragrance will sublimate your figure and enhance your look. Women attracted to chypre fragrances are fulfilled, calm and jovial by nature. Sometimes spontaneous, they feel in harmony with nature and feel good there. They will appreciate the floral bouquet of a chypre fragrance, rose, patchouli , peach or mirabelle plum, will be all possible combinations to choose a chypre fragrance.

The chypre perfume for men delivers elegant, chic and masculine fragrances, through powerful ingredients, a woody body, notes of patchouli, oak moss or even vetiver. The chypre fragrance is complex and blends with more than one olfactory family: fern, citrus and floral.

Powdery olfactory notes

There are six types of chypre fragrances: floral, green, aromatic, leathery, fruity and woody which reveal themselves behind a delicately powdery scent.

The chypre combines perfectly with elements from flowers, fruits or even nature: myrtle, poppy, rose, jasmine, verbena or coriander. All the complexity of the chypre perfume family lies in this olfactory completeness. The chypre perfumes have a sweet, light, and floral aspect with a slight tangy top note. We find this smell in a large number of cosmetics and in renowned perfumers, as well as in smaller perfume houses: eau de parfum, eau de toilette, cosmetics...

In the top note, we find bergamot and in the heart note, more floral scents such as rose, white flowers... We also distinguish oak moss, specific to the chypre family, associated with patchouli and other notes. more wooded in the background.

Elegant and flowery scent, fresh, fruity, woody heart and base notes… the chypre fragrances are revealed in eco-responsible bottles. We provide you with exceptional perfumes accessible to all, at the fairest prices!