Our oriental perfumes

Embark on a journey to the land of a thousand and one nights by discovering our range of oriental perfumes for women and men made in France .

History of oriental perfumes

Evoking the history of oriental perfumes means going back to the history of perfume and going back to the beginnings of the first civilisations, in 1700 BC. The Egyptians, the princesses of the Orient, the oriental dancers... perfumed themselves and smeared their bodies. There were very elaborate customs in perfumery and cosmetics. The basis of the products was frankincense, myrrh, oud and oriental woods. Eastern countries, in addition to Egypt, have developed great knowledge through several types of products that are at the origin of perfumery, such as benzoin, Tolu balms...

Oriental fragrances belong to the amber fragrance family. The origin of amber is found in the sea. Sperm whales expel a viscous, greyish to black liquid which, once dried, delivers the well-known scents of wood, marine musk , warm and voluptuous.

The fragrances of the Orient make you travel, dream of the land of the Thousand and One Nights. It is easy to match an oriental water with the olfactory notes of our most gourmet dishes and spices such as honey, cinnamon, Tonka bean or vanilla.

It was in the 20th century that the fragrance of oriental perfume became all the rage in Europe, then in France in the world of fashion and perfumery. It reveals the woman of passion, of character and brings her a wild dimension.

Chimerical olfactory notes

The large family of oriental perfumes includes surprising olfactory notes among its ingredients. The best known are vanilla, Tonka bean, styrax, myrrh, benzoin, frankincense, opoponax, cistus labdanum... All different, some come from shrubs from which the gum is extracted, from others are balsams or woods.

All the complexity of the oriental perfume family lies in these blends of age-old and spicy notes. The oriental olfactory note par excellence is syrupy, thick and gives rise to complex oriental fragrances that sublimate the almost erotic essence of each person who wears it.

The floral fragrance and the delicate opposite of oriental fragrance, which is spicy, remotely felt and instantly noticeable.

In water, in perfume, blended with patchouli, oud, vanilla, the powerful and spicy character persists and enhances the sensuality of the woman who is keen to assume it.

Oriental fragrances for women proliferate, but there are also unique oriental fragrances for men. The latter borrow the same style, warm and seductive as their female counterparts. Oriental fragrances for men reveal a primitive, intense virility and increase the charm and sensuality of the wearer.

Unique and dreamlike scent on the skin, gourmet, woody and spicy heart and base notes… our oriental fragrances reflect a rich and bewitching environment.

The wishes of the master perfumers are to compose exceptional perfumes accessible to all, at the fairest prices!