Our feminine perfumes

Each woman is unique and must wear an eau de toilette that suits her. Opt for a rare perfume that meets your expectations and sublimates your body through marks and olfactory notes. The concept of an eau de toilette or a niche perfume is the expression of the uniqueness of our women's perfumes.

Why a niche perfume for women?

Our master perfumers make every effort to offer a collection of top-of-the-range perfumes, veritable works of liquid art. Offering you a sensory experience, a real journey, through a unique product, an eau de toilette, a note, a perfume, that's what drives us, because you are an exceptional woman. The notes of rose or of wood are as many smells, details or atmospheres likely to remind you of a woman who mattered to you.

Our collection of perfumes for women made in France available is made by creators in the heart of Provence. We put more than 90 years of know-how in perfumery at the service of olfactory creation. Ensuring that you access the bottle that contains the fragrance that suits you at an affordable price is a priority. We are committed to giving everyone access to an exceptional perfume at the fairest price.

A niche perfume is a unique bottle that contains an exceptional perfume. To find the unique niche perfume that suits you, you must be decisive and know what drives your life. Women's perfumes make men and women dream and fantasize. Oud, sandalwood or even rose… each note counts in the balance of a perfume assembled for a woman who is destined to choose a niche perfume.

This collection of unique perfumes will conquer the woman who wishes to sublimate her body, display herself, shine in her favorite dress and enjoy life. In a box, in a spray perfume, you will discover an offer of floral niche perfumes, with jasmine accords, a woody perfume with a light background and many other details... We offer you fragrances made of amber , with marine smells or even sap. Select a fragrance according to your opinions, your desires, your personality. The originality of our fragrances is our difference!

How to choose your women's perfume?

Choosing a women's niche perfume means choosing marked or light olfactory notes, rose, jasmine... Our perfumes are designed for women who are aware of their life force. Enter an olfactory universe and find your fragrance, as if each note of the perfume illustrated your personality. Wear the scent you like like your favorite dress. Find the scent that suits you and take your bottle with you everywhere.

You will find in our range, different notes. Woody products correspond to adventurous women. A floral niche product , meanwhile, with rose or jasmine accords, appeals to women who are full of life. Oriental niche perfumes with fragrances with notes of honey, cinnamon, etc., correspond to seductive women who display their sensuality. More discreet women will prefer light and fresh fragrances .