Our floral perfumes

Like a spring morning, perfume yourself with your made in France floral eau de parfum. We provide you with floral fragrances for women and men that will sublimate you and offer you a fresh, romantic and delicate trail.

History of floral perfumes

The floral fragrance is millennial. The first men made infusions with water and flower petals to wash their bodies, perfume themselves, heal themselves... The first civilizations around the world, from the Romans to the Mexicans, all had processions where the flowers were burned , soaked, distributed... and served as decoration, jewelry for men or women without distinction.

Over the years and centuries, techniques for extracting the essence of flowers have changed the history of perfumery and allowed the creation of eau de toilette and floral eau de parfum.

Associated with life, love and women, floral fragrances are intended to be invigorating and invigorating. Floral water follows the seasons and the intentions of those who create them. Often paired with the chypre fragrance, it brings the woman, or the man who wears it, peace and balance.

A true source of morning cheerfulness, the floral perfume has as many fragrances as there are varieties and bouquets. The colors that go best with the floral notes are flowery and light: pink, pastel, white tones.

Women who wear a flowery perfume are calm, smiling and free. Lovers of love, drawn to life and laughter, women perfumed with a flowery scent leave behind them a delicate trail. The fragrance that attracts this type of woman can be orchid, almond blossom, orange blossom , rose, immortelle or even iris .

The floral fragrance for men is rarer. We find amazing flowers in the composition of perfumes for men such as violet, orange blossom, jasmine or geranium with its particular smell.

Natural olfactory notes

It is complicated to associate floral perfume with heart, top or base notes, as there are so many possibilities in their composition.

Floral perfumes are a complex family due to the multitude of flower varieties that exist. Floral perfumes do not have a precise olfactory blend, and go well with ingredients from other families such as chypre perfumes for a more tangy note.

Olfactory notes of fruit, flowering trees, your favorite bouquet, the floral fragrance transports you to the heart of a sunny garden. Rose, apple, peony, jasmine, narcissus, citral and limonene... are all fruit scents, perfuming agents and bouquets that can be imagined to bring a fruity accord .

Choose the scent of your favorite flowers for a sparkling scent! Our olfactory experiences allow us to offer you a bottle where nature is in the heart and in life. The wishes of our master perfumers are to compose exceptional perfumes accessible to all, at the fairest prices!