Our history

Ynepsie, exceptional refillable perfumes clean and made in France

Discover our manifesto

It may seem unlikely, but we have done it for you: distill extraordinary fragrances, in total creative freedom while taking care to limit our impact on the environment.

And that's not all ! We have made a vow to serve you this exceptional fragrance offer at a fair price.

Some say it's a magic trick

To achieve this performance, we have given full powers to high-flying creatives . No limit.

Two great French perfume artists surround us and accompany us in the Ynepsie adventure. : Irène Farmachidi and Bertrand Duchaufour , creators with exceptional backgrounds who have the intimate conviction that excellence for all is not pure madness. From their know-how, their immense experience are born unique scents .

Our craziest bet? Let their creativity express itself without ANY limits or constraints. Free to select the most refined ingredients possible, to associate the raw materials of their choice, our creator-perfumers have developed complex and surprising fragrances . Thanks to them, we think outside the box: where our competitors work from trends, studies or consumer opinions, our perfume artists have carte blanche. Our scents are like no other! Our fragrances envelop you in a rich wake that evolves subtly throughout your day.

They have selected raw materials for you with high standards. High-end components, such as iris, neroli , sandalwood and hundreds of other extracts constitute the essence of our eau de parfum. More concentrated in perfumes than a simple eau de toilette, they last longer.

Are our artists passionate? They are animated, inhabited by their perfumes! They named each of their compositions with their soul, with their heart. Who is best placed to talk about his work? The artist himself, of course! As skilled with scents as with words, they speak with sensitivity about their blends.

This is why Ynepsie intoxicates you with poetry and the subtlety of its essence.

A high-end perfume at the right price, it's pure madness

With Ynepsie, luxury is no longer a privilege. Available in just a few clicks, our exceptional fragrances bring haute perfumery to your bathroom, on a silver platter.

How is it possible ? We have limited additional marketing costs and have chosen to offer you fragrances without frills: no muse, no models on our media. Our minimalist and delicate bottles have not gone through the expensive design and design processes of luxury perfumery. The same bottle for all our creations. And we have selected a lightened bonnet.

Because what counts is the perfume, isn't it?

It is the perfume that concentrates all our energy, it is our priority, and for it we make no concessions.

Our engagements

Clean Beauty

Our perfumes are “clean”. With up to 92% ingredients of natural origin, we have a "Green" rating on the Yuka app.

We also carry the "Peta Approved" label, because our references are all

100% vegan.

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We have ensured that our cardboard boxes are recyclable. They are FSC certified.

Thanks to our recyclable and packaging-free refills, we help you reduce your waste with each renewal of your favorite perfume!

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Made in France

Always located in Marseille, our perfumery workshop uses short circuits for its supplies. French and proud of it!

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Refillable perfumes

Because exceptional must rhyme with eco-responsibility. Because we want to put an end to the waste of vials. Because we always want to offer you perfume at the fairest price... We have decided to create refills for all Ynepsie perfume waters. They will allow you to keep your bottle longer and save on the purchase of your favorite fragrance.

Our story: madness over 3 generations!

Ynepsie was born from a know-how of nearly 90 years. Nose and entrepreneur from Marseille, Fernand Cohen composes his first bottles with the desire to shake up the codes of perfumery. Taken over by its descendants, the company perpetuates its counter-current culture by imagining Ynepsie.

Our name is also a snub to all those who believed that our project was too ambitious: "a nonsense"? " absurd " ? Well yes, why not! We assume and claim the audacity of our project!