Neroli perfume

A floral neroli fragrance with citrus notes will give you an unforgettable olfactory wake. Find your happiness among our neroli perfumes for men and for women made in France from this available range.

Origin of an amazing process: Neroli

Neroli is a perfume produced by a process similar to the distillation of orange blossom . Accustomed to the edges of the Mediterranean, the bitter orange tree, from which orange blossom and neroli originate, comes from the slopes of the Himalayas. The flower, too fragile to be distilled, is steamed to extract water and a gold-colored essence.

The Princess of Nerola, Italy, Anne Marie d'Orsini, had a mad passion for this ingredient, especially bitter orange essence. She used it for a long time as a perfume, later called Neroli. She used to smear her body with it and extol its aphrodisiac merits. The flower from which neroli comes does not have quite the same fragrance as neroli.

Neroli essence is used in cosmetics for the composition of many beauty products: eau de Cologne, body cream, face cream... Neroli, sour orange and rose flower oils are very popular in aromatherapy, for body massages and in cosmetic applications for the softness and radiance of the face.

Neroli is a fragrance that we gladly pair with vanilla, musk , jasmine, bergamot , citrus fruits or even rose for toilet waters, perfumes and cosmetics.

A wake that brings freshness and softness

Neroli is a perfume that lasts over time. Its use is recommended during trendy events, private parties, going to a nightclub... These occasions are made for wearing sparkling, brilliant fragrances with ingredients such as neroli, orchid or raspberry.

The top notes of neroli perfumes are tangy and sparkling.

The heart note is revealed behind bergamot lemon and bitter orange notes.

The base notes are sweet and bring the sensation of a walk in the sun in the lily of the valley.

The neroli-scented woman is curious and feminine. Those who find themselves in these sweet, then suave notes, are fulfilled women, overflowing with energy.

Neroli men's fragrances are also very popular, paired with jasmine, orange or bergamot. They are ideal for the arrival of sunny days! Water of this type has a citrus smell and offers invigorating and tonic accords.

Practical and elegant, your bottle gives you the possibility of carrying your elixir everywhere with you. We offer tangy fragrances made from quality ingredients, carefully selected plants and flowers. Because they come from nature and respect your skin, all the fragrances and their bottles are eco-responsible . The wishes of the master perfumers are to compose exceptional perfumes accessible to all, at the fairest prices!