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Discovery pouch

You don't know which perfume to choose? Are you hesitating between several fragrances?
Our discovery boxes are for you! They will allow you to discover and test them quietly at home!

The purchase of a pouch will give you a voucher to be used for the purchase of a perfume or a refill.

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Environmentally friendly

recharge me

Stop the waste and the thousands of bottles thrown away every year! For the sake of eco-responsibility and recyclability, but also to allow you to enjoy your bottle longer, all Ynepsie perfumes are refillable.


We have given carte blanche to two great perfume artists

Irène Farmachidi

Epicurean, she loves nature, traveling and particularly in Greece. A musician, she also loves classical dance. His favorite raw materials: today citrus fruits, iris, orange blossom, musks… tomorrow surely others!


Bertrand Duchaufour

Artist perfumer for 35 years, he uses his know-how in the service of the most exceptional raw materials to create unexpected accords and ape and timeless perfumes. His passion for primitive art (and specifically African tribal art of which he is a fervent collector!) and for travel inspires him daily in his creations. His favorite raw materials are davana, iris, oud, patchouli and osmanthus.


Discover a full range of accessible niche fragrances for men and women

Niche perfumes are exceptional, rare and unique perfumes. In niche perfumery, the key word is creation, freedom.

The artistic approach above all!

Niche perfumery showcases the know-how and talent of perfume artists as well as the most refined and precious raw materials. Perfumers combine them with talent and magnify them to create relief, rare and unique perfumes that evolve throughout the day… With a niche perfume, you are sure to stand out and have a personal trail.

Today, niche perfumery is synonymous with expensive, inaccessible products. By launching, Ynepsie, we wanted to ensure that exceptional perfumery is no longer reserved for a small segment of the population. Discover our commitments for a more generous perfumery.