Ovation to our perfume artists


Irene Farmachidi and Bertrand Duchaufour

Elsewhere, a perfume designer is called a "nose" or a "perfumer". At Ynepsie, our creators are much more than that: they are perfume artists .

Yes, artists. Because a perfume is not limited to the simple addition of ingredients. Our perfume artists create masterful works. Their subtle mastery of dosages and olfactory chords allows them to develop unique, magical, unforgettable perfumes.

Through their genius, inherited from centuries-old French know-how, perfume artists tell stories, transmit emotions. As the chords played on the piano pierce you, a perfume transports you.

As an impressionist painting touches you, a perfume overwhelms you.

The talent of these composers extends to infinity: they can discern nearly 3,000 different ingredients! This represents so many materials for interpreting their work.

Rarely put on the front of the stage, the creators of perfumes often remain in the shadow of the brands, or the celebrities who are their muses. In the workshops of Ynepsie , our perfume artists hold the spotlight. They sign their creations and recite them to you. They are the muses of Ynepsie.

Perfumer artist

Irène Farmachidi

Irène Farmachidi has been rocked by art in all its forms since her earliest childhood. "Born to a painter, musician, excellent cook mother, and a father, research director in quantum physics, oenophile and also a musician, I was sensitized very young to the art, the olfaction of food, wines and to scientific rigor" . Very early on, she played with smells: “The smells of Jean Lenoir's Le Nez du Vin box captivated me. I was amused to see that I had the skills to easily recognize all the smells, my favorite game”.

Today, epicurean, she loves nature, traveling with a preference for the Mediterranean and particularly for Greece.


For her creations, her daily life is a constant source of inspiration, curious about everything, loving contrasts and challenges. Passionate about natural raw materials, they are found in large numbers in her creations.

His favorite raw materials: citrus fruits, Iris, orange blossom, musks, ambroxan.

"I had the chance to grow up in an environment conducive to the discovery of smells, in a garden with a thousand scents very close to the forest of Rambouillet"

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Perfumer artist

Bertrand Duchaufour

The encounter with scents, Bertrand Duchaufour experienced it as a revelation at the age of 18. “Thanks to my girlfriend at the time, I discovered the world of perfumes. At 18, I realized that there was a profession behind this discovery when I saw a program on perfumers and in particular on the one who had just created a great success of the time: Jean-Louis Sieuzac and his Opium of Saint Laurent »

It was then that Bertrand Duchaufour decided to become a perfumer - he also trained with this icon of French perfumery!

A multi-faceted artist - draftsman, photographer, painter - he is fascinated by primitive art and in particular African tribal art, of which he is a fervent collector.

A free and independent spirit, Bertrand Duchaufour is a passionate man, always looking for innovation in his perfumes. For him, perfumes are an art form that evokes emotions. He likes to play on contrasts and oppositions, his creations thus taking the form of paradoxes, in search of a final balance.

Taking their origins in his many trips to India, Turkey, Bhutan, his favorite raw materials are davana, iris, oud, patchouli, osmanthus.

"For 35 years, I have been using my perfumer's know-how in the service of the most exceptional raw materials in order to create unexpected accords and always surprise with quality, signed and timeless perfumes. »

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