Perfume sets

Discover our collection of perfume boxes to offer: refillable boxes or discovery boxes, to find the perfect gift!

Celebrate with scented gifts

Every woman and every man celebrates themselves! Find the perfect gift for your significant other, your best friend, your mother... and celebrate every occasion: birthday, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Women's Day, Valentine's Day... For the occasion, offer a unique gift that reveals your personality and allows you to take care of yourself, your body, your hair...

An eau de toilette or a perfume are real personalized gifts that will sublimate the wearer. The made in France toiletry box is ideal as a gift. Small formats to take with you everywhere, on a trip, on the weekend, for sport after the shower, refillable product... the perfume box to offer will surprise you!

Rechargeable boxes

We often recognize ourselves in the elixir we wear, which can help you choose the perfect fragrance. Select your perfume box according to the qualities of the person to whom you offer it, man or woman, a memory, a place that you have discovered in their company.

Among our available range of perfume boxes at affordable prices, you can opt for a box composed of: a bottle with a spray bottle with a capacity of 10 ml, a funnel for easy refilling, and a 50 ml perfume.

Refillable perfume makes it possible to adopt more responsible consumption and respond to current ecological challenges. Conquered by your new perfume ? All you have to do is refill your bottle using your funnel. The spray bottle will be your best ally for a perfume touch-up during the day.

Also, by conviction and deep will, all Ynepsie perfumes are Vegan : our perfumes have no ingredients of animal origin and are not tested on animals.

Discovery boxes

Every day is an opportunity to wear a perfume in harmony with yourself. Select your perfume according to your emotions, your moods, your desires… Amber perfume for men, musky , floral or oriental perfume for women… taking care of yourself also means knowing how to listen to your senses.

The discovery box is available in a men's or women's edition. There are two types of discovery boxes: the women's mini box with the 8 miniature perfumes from the Ynepsie range or the men's box with the 4 men's references at an exceptional price. Leave room for discovery with this set of miniatures! Whether you want to change fragrances according to your desires or to allow you to choose the one that suits you best, the discovery perfume box is an excellent gift idea to offer or to treat yourself.

Choose the ideal perfume set

For a perfume box, it is always important to choose a precious, rare elixir. Make your choice according to the main character trait of this exceptional woman or man for whom it is intended. The perfume has this power to reveal the personality through a fragrance, an eau de parfum, an intense, delicate, bewitching olfactory mark.

For a sunny woman, prefer notes of orange blossom, vanilla... For a generous woman, prefer oriental notes with hints of honey or cinnamon.

For a dynamic and elegant man, the notes of vetiver, raw and natural, will be sparkling. If it is a man with a more relaxed look, choose perfumes with notes of leather, tobacco...