Our fresh scents

Choose a fresh fragrance, ideal for the arrival of fine weather and summer, when the atmosphere is light and flowery.

A fresh and sweet fragrance

Fresh perfumes, or aromatic perfumes belong to the citrus, woody or floral family and are available in eau de toilette, eau de parfum and perfume. We find ingredients that reveal notes of bergamot, of different flowers, for a unique aromatic accord and an olfactory experience in its own right.

You will appreciate the accords of white and sweet flowers, of fruits. The light sillages are characteristic of the fresh fragrance. In keeping with the warm seasons, the sometimes flowery, sometimes citrusy and suave side will seduce you and bring you the olfactory care you deserve. Opt for a light and aromatic accord that sublimates your body, your face, and your hair.

Holiday atmosphere, wild nature under the waterfalls, or aquatic with ocean waters, we unveil fresh perfumes with top, middle and base notes sometimes acidulous, sweet and fruity. The smell of a fresh fragrance brings vitality from the end of the hair to the rest of the body and makes you feel alive and light.

Why choose a fresh scent?

Fresh fragrances go well with white, fresh and light colors like pastel colors. In our available collection, we provide you with products that are available for men and women.

Each man who wears a fresh perfume has a wide range to choose the fragrance of his choice. Whether you are sporty, chic, trendy or dandy, you will be transported in an olfactory movement based on citrus fruits, such as grapefruit, lemon, a floral scent with geranium, orange blossom, but also wood, such as cedar, sandalwood... However, be careful not to choose a perfume that is too woody, which will be heavier, prefer light notes of woody accords.

Among the fresh perfumes for women, we find summer perfumes , which go well with spring and less so with autumn. In perfumes for women, we often find white musk, which can replace eau de cologne to fix floral, light accords. The floral family is the most emblematic to talk about aromatic perfumes since we find a multitude of flowers, and a multiplicity of possible blends, for notes all in freshness. The woody fragrance family crossed with a fresh fragrance reveals complex and pleasant feminine aromatic fragrances, and corresponds to women of character.

Fresh fragrances can be mixed, in balance between men's and women's fragrances. They are distinguished by their sweet and sparkling smell at the same time. Break the codes by choosing your favorite ingredients! An aromatic fragrance adapted to the season guarantees the freshness of your favorite fragrance on the skin all day long.

We offer you fresh perfumes in our collection available at the fairest prices of unique fragrances.