Our eco-responsible refills

Refillable perfumes, the future of perfumery for Ynepsie

The perfume bottles currently

Today, perfume bottles are so-called bottles with a crimp ring. That is to say that the top of the bottle, "the neck" as it is called in the world of perfumery, is smooth and a pump will be crimped on it. It is crimped, which means that the pump is “sealed”. Once closed, the bottle cannot be reopened and therefore it is impossible to refill it, it cannot be refilled. Some brands offer to come and refill your bottle in fountains, directly at the point of sale. The bottles are said to be “refillable”. The top of the pump (the pusher part) is detached, and the small white tip can be connected to the fountain to refill its fragrance. A breakthrough innovation when it arrived 15 years ago but which is not the most practical and which does not make this gesture of eco-responsibility and sustainability as easy and systematic as it could be.

The ecological context, an urgent need to change the situation

Refillable perfumes, the future of perfumery for YNEPSIE! The current context of crisis linked to global warming, the need to limit waste and reduce our environmental impact have prompted us to create a new range of perfumes! More in line with the ecological conscience of today's consumers!

Ynepsie, eco-responsible perfumes, refillable directly by the consumer

At Ynepsie, we want to put an end to the waste related to the perfume bottle that is thrown away after use. This is how we decided to opt for a bottle with a screw neck. It is therefore possible for you to unscrew the pump and reuse your bottles very simply! You can recharge them endlessly.
In addition, and unlike the crimped bottle, it is recyclable! Since the pump can be removed, you can recycle it 100%.
All our 50ml perfumes are refillable. 100ml refills are on sale at an affordable price, allowing you to refill your basic bottle while saving money. They are sold with a funnel that allows you to fill your bottle easily. This funnel is offered with every order. In addition, gift boxes are also on sale with a mini 10ml travel spray, also refillable thanks to its screw pump. So you can take your favorite fragrance with you, in your handbag or on your travels!