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Making exceptional perfumery accessible to everyone, a mission for Ynepsie

Niche perfumery, what is it?

If you open your dictionary and look up the definition of “niche”, besides the first meaning of the term, you will find that it describes a small segment of the market, which responds to a very specific demand. A consumer target that is called a "niche" describes a small target, very specific consumers.

So what is niche perfumery, or high perfumery, or exceptional perfumery? So many terms that describe a more confidential perfumery, a perfumery that is opposed to so-called “mass” perfumery, to all the more well-known, high-profile brands.

In so-called mass perfumery, before moving on to the perfume creation phase, numerous market studies are carried out to understand trends, popular ingredients, and analyze the products that perform best. The perfumes are then subjected to numerous consumer tests to appeal to as many people as possible.

Conversely, in niche perfumery, no study or test!
Behind each signature perfume lies an artistic approach. A return to basics: the perfume, more than the history of the perfume or its attributes (pack, etc.).
The "nose" is put forward, because he is a true artist , a creator, in the same way as a painter or a composer of music (link to our page on the noses). Niche perfumery showcases the know-how and talent of perfume artists in an approach of exacerbated freedom. The nose creates freely. Niche perfumery gives pride of place to raw materials and their exceptional qualities, magnifies them and creates perfumes with reliefs, rare and unique… which may not please everyone, but that's not the goal!

Niche perfumes, increasingly popular products

A perfume is the reflection of the personality. We like to change perfume according to the seasons, her mood, the situation, the occasion. A perfume reflects who we are and gives us assurance, gives us confidence. It is identity.
And that is exactly why niche perfumery has become increasingly popular. Precisely because, not being subject to market studies, consumer tests and this standardization of creations; it is unique, rare, original. It allows everyone to assert their identity, to differentiate themselves… not to feel like the others!

Originally, niche perfumery responded to the demand of a small group of connoisseurs looking for distinctive, daring and rare perfumes. For the past ten years, it has affected sections of the wider population.

Niche perfumery, a luxury perfumery

Niche perfumes are still synonymous today with expensive, even inaccessible perfumes. But why ?

Niche perfumes are often more concentrated. That is, the percentage concentration of the perfume base in the perfume is higher. These are rather eau de parfums than eau de toilette. Which costs more.
In addition, the emphasis is on unlimited creativity, on the exceptional of raw materials. By buying a niche perfume, you treat yourself to valuable ingredients. Finally, the bottles represent an important part of the final price paid by the consumer.

Accessible niche perfumes, it's possible with Ynepsie!

In order to ensure that niche perfumery is only intended for a small segment of the population. So that exceptional quality is only a question of means, we have decided with Ynepsie to launch a range of exceptional perfumes at affordable prices.

A perfume of such quality at such an affordable price seems impossible, contrary to reason! Absurd ! We did it, we claim the audacity of our approach! We are launching Ynepsie , a range of 12 exceptional perfumes at a fair price.

How did we succeed in this daring gamble?

You pay for the perfume.

You pay for the perfume, or more precisely what is called the 'juice'. We have put all our efforts and all our investments into the juice. We gave Irène Farmachidi and Bertrand Duchaufour carte blanche to create precious, rare and unique perfumes for you. Creations with relief, which distinguish you!

The range is rich and wide. Whether you are looking for a rare perfume with notes of Neroli , an exceptional perfume with Benzoin or with Iris, or a woody creation , you will find your favorite perfume in our range.

First the perfume, then the rest

We limit communication investments and unnecessary marketing expenses. No muses for Ynepsie. The muses are our perfume artists. They are at the heart of our promise.

We have chosen to start with the same bottle for the entire range. A sober, chic, refined bottle, which did not require the development of a specific mold for Ynepsie. So no unnecessary expenses. A soft, simple and assertive design, without unnecessary frills and investments.

Our hood is said to be 'light'. Do you know that the hoods are often weighted (we add weight)? This is done to give the illusion of premium quality. We chose to be simply elegant.

Finally, the bottles are refillable . You can keep your bottle and fill it endlessly with our refills. Another way to make exceptional perfumery more accessible.

Short circuits that reduce expenses

We capitalize on our know-how of more than 90 years. We have our own production plant, in the South of France, in Marseille . Your Ynepsie perfumes are produced and assembled there, thus limiting costs.

A deep conviction that everyone should be able to afford the exceptional

We are also making an effort on our margins. The mission of our company, which has been marketing perfumes for more than 90 years, has always been to offer, to make quality perfumes accessible to all. We go further today by offering high perfumery at an affordable price. Is it sheer madness? It 's Ynepsie !