Our marine perfumes

Marine fragrances, bet on aquatic notes

And if you let yourself be tempted by new fragrances? In search of olfactory and natural notes, perfumers take you on a journey across all oceans, to tropical or arctic shores. From the Echelles du Levant to the lands of Brittany, from the beaches of the Caribbean to Asian bays, the scents of the sea invite you to escape and adventure!

Marine perfumes, perfumes that take us on a journey

Marine notes have the power to transport us in summer, by the sea, on the beach, with our feet in the sand. … They revive our memories of sunny holidays! The smell of the sea, sea spray, iodine, seaweed, sand… so many fragrances that immediately come to mind when we close our eyes and think of the ocean. It is these fresh and light notes that are found in marine perfumes. Rather volatile, marine notes are mainly found in the top note.
Light, easy to wear in any season due to their freshness and purity, marine perfumes are purchased by both men and women . There are also many marine perfumes that are unisex.

The trend of marine perfumes, a fairly recent trend

The trend for marine perfume has not always existed! When the ingredient – ​​a synthetic molecule called calone – which creates this aquatic note was discovered in the 1960s by pharmaceutical companies, it then seemed inconceivable to develop a perfume with these characteristics. Floral , opulent oriental scents were much more on the rise.
It was in the 90s that a more natural turn was taken in perfumery. A desire for more freshness and lightness has paved the way for a new fashion in terms of perfumes: marine perfumes. The first marine perfumes were created and met with great success.
Delicate, iodized and airy, marine notes are still trendy today, in a world always looking for more naturalness and eco-responsibility.

Manufacture of a perfume with aquatic notes

The iodized note is created either with the synthetic molecule calone but can also be obtained by using natural plants such as blue cypress, lotus and marine christ. These aquatic notes go wonderfully well with citrus or floral notes which give an even more marked freshness and "sparkle"... but also with olfactory families such as oriental or woody for even more character and a stronger wake.