Gourmet and sweet flavors

Sweet perfumes are like delicacies that combine flavor and smell.

A sweet and bewitching note

Gourmet perfumes, or sweet perfumes, flirt with our most rooted delicacies. The family of oriental perfumes is the perfect olfactory illustration of this. It brings together warm and reassuring ingredients such as honey, spices, cinnamon... which reveal your sensuality.

In the sweet fragrances, we find the smells of our favorite desserts, of our favorite ingredients such as cocoa, fruit, vanilla, caramel or pistachio, which allow you to reveal the childlike woman, the lolita that lies dormant in you. You will appreciate the accords of flowery and fruity delicacies. The sparkling and appetizing sillages are characteristic of the sweet perfume.

In accordance with your desires, the side sometimes dessert, sometimes walk in the orchard will know how to seduce you and bring you all the olfactory care that you deserve. A sweet and syrupy accord sublimates your body, your face, and your hair. Childish atmosphere, snack, picking, or tasting... discover our range of sweet flavors with top, middle and base notes sometimes vanilla, sometimes fruit. The smell of a sweet fragrance brings sweetness and playfulness to the woman you are.

Why choose a gourmet perfume?

The gourmet fragrance is worn according to the olfactory tone of the perfume. If it is a sweet, fresh scent, prefer light outfits, a dress, a colorful top and white bottoms. In the case where it is a warm gourmet perfume, brown, beige or even cream will do well.

These products are rarely available in a range of products for men. We can still find it with accords of musk , cocoa, coffee, vanilla.

Gourmet fragrances for women have many facets. We find the fresh scents, which go well with spring and summer. In perfumes for women, we often find fruits, white musk, a floral accord that can replace cologne. There are also gourmet and warm fragrances, which are equally suitable in winter . An oriental fragrance will wrap all the sensuality of your body to increase your seduction tenfold.

Choose your gourmet perfume according to your personality, but also your culinary tastes, your favorite sweets, a memory, or olfactory details of a place where you feel yourself. The sweet perfume for women is a reminiscence, a return to the sweet notes of childhood, details of taste memory.

A suitable sweet fragrance guarantees the greediness and voluptuousness of your favorite fragrance on the skin all day long. The gourmet olfactory notes complete your toilet with a delicate touch. Choose to adapt your perfume according to your gluttony and satisfy all your desires. Our unique gourmet fragrances available are offered at the fairest prices!