Perfumes made in France

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Perfume, a history and a French know-how

Perfume has not always had its current function! and was not always French! The history of perfume dates back to antiquity. At the time, aromatic essences were burned in honor of the deities. This is where the expression "to be in the odor of holiness" comes from. In the Middle Ages: the perfume develops thanks to the trade of raw materials. The use of perfume at this time was above all “practical” rather than “aesthetic”. Indeed, we wash less than in our time 😊 and perfume was used to hide body odors! Perfume is also used for medicinal purposes - particularly in the late Middle Ages. Diseases such as the plague wreak havoc. The water is then suspected of opening the pores to disease. Doctors advise not to wash but to wear perfume! During the Renaissance, perfumery developed thanks to the discovery of new raw materials and thanks to the development of chemistry. Around the 17th century, faced with strong demand, the industry developed and moved to Grasse for cultivation and clothing. The scents are more delicate, more refined. It was then that the perfume's French roots really took hold.

Local, made in France, strong consumer expectations

We are all more and more sensitive to the traceability, sustainability, transparency and environmental commitment of the products we buy. And for that, the made in France is essential: in perfume, it is a guarantee of quality and a reduced environmental footprint . Buying French perfumes means buying the know-how and art of perfumery. The greatest perfume artists are ultimately few in number, and in France.

Ynepsie, a complete range of French perfumes, made in France

When we designed our Ynepsie range, it seemed obvious to us that it had to be made in France. Our local roots, in the south of France, have been part of our DNA for more than 90 years. All our perfumes are produced and assembled in our factory in the South of France, the cradle of perfumery. Our perfumes are made in France, really made in France! It is true that today, it is possible to claim "made in France", even the product is just assembled in France but that all the components come from all over the world. All our components except our bottles come from France. The bottles come from Italy, which is closer to our production site in Marseille: it is ultimately more eco-responsible than if we brought the bottles from the North of France! All Ynepsie perfumes are therefore French perfumes, developed according to the rules of the art of French haute perfumery.