Refillable eco-responsible perfumes, a no-brainer for Ynepsie

Consumers increasingly demanding eco-designed products

The current climatic and ecological context, environmental considerations, the health crisis, … so many situations that push us to rethink our consumption patterns. We adopt behaviors that are part of a more sustainable and responsible approach: such as recycling, upcycling, reusing, limiting waste... and we are looking for brands that support us in this approach, who take initiatives, carry de sens , which offer products that are good for the planet and good for our health.

Ynepsie, a complete range of refillable and recyclable perfumes

The amount of waste related to the perfume bottle is considerable. Why should you throw away your bottle as soon as it's finished? Today, we are used to the crimped bottle (that is to say where it is impossible to remove the pump, it is crimped around the neck of the bottle). At Ynepsie, we decided to opt for a bottle with a screw neck. It is therefore up to you to unscrew the pump and you can reuse your bottles very simply! You can reload them endlessly .

In addition, and unlike the crimped bottle, it is 100% recyclable! Since the pump can be removed, you can recycle it 100%.

A certified box

Our cardboard comes from sustainably managed forests, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management. The criteria of the FSC label concern 3 aspects:

Ecological aspects: protection of forests with high ecological and cultural value, favored natural regeneration, reasonable and appropriate harvesting, soil protection, prohibited GMOs, etc.

Social aspects: respect for natives, workers, creation of local jobs, etc.

Economic aspects: strengthening the local economy, promoting forest products and services, etc.

A lighter hood

In addition, rather than opting for an extravagant, expensive and heavy cover (covers are often called "weighted", i.e. their weight is artificially increased to give an impression of quality), we have chosen a simple cover. , elegant and made of light material to limit its ecological impact.

A clean formulation

At Ynepsie, your safety is particularly important to us. All our formulations comply with strict specifications, which go beyond the restrictions of European regulations. All maligned, controversial ingredients are banned. Thus, all our perfumes are allergen-free , responsible and clean . Scan on Yuka and you will see it!

In addition, our perfumes are PETA certified, that is to say they are Vegan certified and are cruelty free. Our products therefore do not contain any material of animal origin in their formulation.

Finally, we seek to make our formulations as natural as possible. Our perfumes have up to 92% ingredients of natural origin . We are not looking for 100%. We defend the complementarity of natural and synthetic ingredients in perfumery! Synthetic ingredients are not chosen because they are cheaper, but because they have allowed us, for decades, to produce rich fragrances, creations with a lot of relief.

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Production made in France, European sourcing

Born in Marseille, with a know-how of more than 90 years, Ynepsie asserts its local and French roots. We rely on a short supply and production system. Our components come from France or Europe (Italy for the refillable bottle). Our perfumes are produced and assembled in France, in our own factory, near Marseille.

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