Ynepsie, a complete range of perfumes without allergens, without risks

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The composition of a perfume

All perfumes are made up of 3 essential ingredients Alcohol to ensure the stability of the formula Water and the perfumed base And also other ingredients Dyes UV filters, etc. The concentration of perfumed base defines the power of the perfume. 'a perfume. An eau de toilette is thus less concentrated in perfumed base than an eau de parfum which will dye longer and leave a more powerful trail.

The Ynepsie formulation charter

Carte blanche on everything! but not on our formulation charter. The only constraint we gave to the perfume artists was to respect our formulation specifications. Creativity, the richness of fragrances, yes! But safety first! Born from a know-how of nearly 90 years, our Ynepsie brand belongs to a group that is committed to delivering the safest possible formulas for the end consumer. The fragrances of each of our brands are allergen-free. You can even go check and scan your perfume on Yuka, you will see it, it will be categorized green! Only the essentials in our perfumes: alcohol of natural origin, the perfumed base developed by our artists, and water... and that's it! No dyes or UV filters! No decried or controversial ingredients. And no allergens in the scented base of course. You can use our perfumes safely, without risk to you and your health! Since the consumer is always at the center of our considerations and our developments. All our perfumes are not only allergen-free, but also vegan, Peta-labelled, refillable and recyclable . Our priority is you!