Orange blossom fragrance

Orange Blossom Perfumes

Our orange blossom perfumes made in France are designed to sublimate men and women looking for a gourmet and sweet fragrance .

History of an exceptional flower: orange blossom

Orange blossom is one of the oldest flowers used in perfumery. Accustomed to the edges of the Mediterranean, the bitter orange tree, from which orange blossoms and neroli originate, comes from the slopes of the Himalayas.

Used by Arab peoples to decorate pastries, but also for the design of products for the body, hair, skin, as well as for perfumes , the orange blossom fragrance recalls its sunny origins.

Throughout its history, the orange blossom will seduce first in Europe, in Spain, in Italy, and even at the Court of the King of France. Victim of migraines depending on certain smells, Louis XIV did not support rose water, musk water…everything gave him headaches, with the exception of orange blossom. He ensured the production in Versailles, through an Eau de Fleur d'Oranger. Its use then oscillated between fragrance, well-being product and remedy. At that time, orange blossom perfume was nothing like what we know today as an eau de toilette composition.

The choice of this fragrance despite other waters by the sovereign created a real craze throughout the kingdom, favoring the production of orange blossoms. The perfume house in Grasse, but also in Hyères, has developed large orange groves over the centuries to harvest the flowers.

Today, widely used in the composition of a multitude of renowned perfumes, from the smallest house to the largest in the art of the nose, orange blossom is often paired with vanilla, musk, jasmine, bergamot , citrus or rose.

A soft and fresh wake

Orange blossom is the perfume to adopt for special occasions: a wedding, a religious celebration, an important passage in life... Its light fragrance goes perfectly with white and light-colored outfits.

The top notes of the orange blossom perfume are tangy, with citrus notes.

The heart note, neroli, more voluptuous and smooth, gives the sweet sensation of vanilla which sublimates the beauty of this all-white note.

The base notes are light and bring freshness to the trail. The base note is often the most appreciated, since it is the one worn on the skin throughout the day.

Orange blossom perfume: for whom?

The woman perfumed with orange blossom is seductive and active, she wears a sensual perfume . Those who find themselves in these sweet and suave notes are fulfilled and overflowing women.

Orange blossom is a timeless flower that knows no borders. It is suitable for free and independent women who leave behind a fragrant and gourmet trail. Orange blossom is one of the ingredients of prestigious products, for the body, hair, beauty...

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