Musk perfume

Musk perfumes

Wild and delicate, the musk perfume made in France from our available collection reveals the character of men and women.

History of a large family: musks

Appeared in China, Tibet, near the Himalayas and Siberia, musk comes from an animal called musk deer. The first men to use musk sought to bring fertility and vigor to their relationship. Chinese emperors used it as a perfume for sheets and mattresses, considering it an aphrodisiac.

In Antiquity and the Middle Ages, musk, always known for its aphrodisiac virtues, was spread over the skin and the body, some even incorporating it into drinks. The Arab peoples tore it away, thinking that the smell was reserved for those who would reach the heavens.

Musk is a truly rare product, prized by the highest spheres, which Baudelaire praised in Les Fleurs Du Mal.

Originally, the smell of grain musk is strong, even unbreathable. It was in the 1800s that research began to reproduce the perfume and associate it with other ingredients in order to soften the scent. In 1979, the ban on the use of animal musk was promulgated, but it was long before, in 1926, that white musk appeared, the precursor of a new era in the field of perfumery.

There are different types of musks: synthetic musks and plant musks. Used to fix the smell of perfume, musk is very popular in men 's perfumes, but also in women 's perfumes. White musk goes well with notes of jasmine, vanilla, patchouli, oud rose... There are many musky perfumes for women with very floral first notes.

Amazing olfactory notes

Warm, delicate, animal, the musk fragrance leaves behind a mysterious wake that invites you to escape. There are two types of musk in perfumery: ambrette, a raw musk, animal with notes of leather, and white musk, a floral musk, lighter with less aggressive and warmer heart notes.

White musk goes perfectly well with exotic notes, such as ylang-ylang and vanilla. It is found in particular in the composition of oriental perfumes. Fragrances with ambergris, with notes of wood and tobacco, will compose perfectly with musk, bringing strength and audacity. Musk is undoubtedly the olfactory family that goes best with all fragrances.

Accomplished women will head for a floral fragrance with white and rose musk. Seductive and assertive women will be seduced by more oriental musk products.

Olfactory experiences, we do them daily. Our master perfumers compose exceptional perfumes accessible to all, at the fairest prices. In this available range, find an eau de parfum with musky notes that will sublimate your silhouette with a long, harmonious and characterful heart note.