Bergamot Perfumes

Our bergamot perfumes made in France are designed to sublimate men and women looking for an amazing and sunny fragrance.

Story of an amazing fruit: bergamot

Bergamot, originally from Italy in Calabria (Calabria) comes from the bergamot tree. It is a cross between a lime and a blood orange. The appearance of the word bergamot dates back to 1430 in France, when the Duke of Anjou campaigned in Italy. The essence extracted in perfumery comes from the bark of the fruit of the bergamot tree, bergamot.

The fruit that looks like a lemon is the most balanced of citrus fruits. It crossed time and found itself in the kitchen, in tea, in essential oil, in medicine and in perfumery. It takes no less than 200kg of bark to obtain one kilo of gasoline. Citrus essences are well known for being anxiolytic and bringing balance.

Widely used today in the composition of renowned perfumes, from the smallest perfume house to the largest in the art of the nose, bergamot is often paired with ingredients and fragrances such as ylang-ylang, musk , different woods such as cedar , sandalwood , or oud, but also pairs such as grapefruit, mandarin, a flower such as jasmine or rose.

A fresh and sunny scent

Bergamot is a fragrance to adopt for sunny moments, special occasions, weddings or baptisms.

Light and tangy, belonging to the citrus olfactory family, we find bergamot in eau de toilette, eau de parfum, perfume, with flowers, grapefruit, woods, oud, sandalwood, vetiver, lemon to enhance its sweetness . The olfactory notes of bergamot are multiple, they evolve like a perfume.

The top notes of bergamot are lively and wild, tangy, with a peppery aspect.

The heart note, less acidic and pungent than the previous one, is still green.

The base notes are softer and sweeter in roundness.

Bergamot perfume: for whom?

The perfume that contains bergamot is aimed at both men and women, in a spray bottle or in a box.

The man who wears a bergamot perfume is rather modern, they say he is dynamic and trendy. A subtle, masculine and sensual man. Bergamot goes well with vetiver, a floral, peppery tone, but also citrus.

The woman who wears bergamot is a sunny and free woman. Bergamot perfumes for women go well with fragrances of white flowers such as jasmine, white musk or fruits such as tangerine, grapefruit and orange

Practical and elegant, each fragrance is eco-responsible . Our spray perfumes are composed and assembled in France by a master perfumer in the heart of Provence. We want to offer everyone the opportunity to wear perfume with a range of exceptional products at the fairest price! A true olfactory experience, we offer modern and harmonized bergamot fragrances.