Fruity scents

The fruity fragrance offers a colorful freshness. Discover our collection of fragrances made in France available in stock.

A sparkling and natural trail

Used in the history of perfumery, but also in the composition of essential oils and flavored water, the fruit is one of the raw materials to be used. Fruity accords are essential to the assembly of a perfume. Fruits follow the flower family in their use in perfumery.

We find the accords of our favorite nostalgic moments through a wide range of scents: a scent of wood with coconut, a more fruity aspect with apple, a more tangy note with raspberry, lime, fruit passion for a more exotic atmosphere... There are several categories of fruits in perfumery: yellow, red, exotic, watery, juicy fruits, and others such as the fig, which is so special and widely used in men's perfumes .

Your fruity fragrance promises you a dreamlike journey into your childhood, snacks, wild pickings in the woods... In accordance with your desires, the fruity notes appear like a memory of youth. Widely used to create essential oils, for cooking, for the body, fruits have a long list of benefits!

To assemble a fruity fragrance, a perfumer can select a black fruit for example, match it with musk, rose, vanilla, flowers, and thus compose a unique perfume .

Why choose a fruity fragrance?

Summer is the best time to display fruity scents. Aquatic and tangy at the same time, the fruit perfume adorns you with its most colorful note.

The fruity fragrances agree according to the mood, the weather, sometimes a personality, throughout the year. Although changing perfume according to the season is recommended, the sensations evolve, a more enveloping scent is appreciated in winter , while a more liberating one will take its place when the fine weather arrives.

Fruity smells are carried with colors in accordance with the color of the original or processed fruit. A cherry scent is easily worn with red. More varied and fruity scents such as melon, peach or even apricot will go well with yellow, orange...

Fruity scents are available in products for men. Fruit men's fragrances have in their composition lemon, grapefruit, fig... There are fruity fragrances for men that use more exotic fruits such as pineapple, passion fruit...

Fruity fragrances for women have long heart notes and a floral accord. The fruity perfume for women is revealed with raw materials with natural notes. Choose your perfume according to your personality, your culinary tastes, your outfit, a memory, a first discovery of olfactory details, a place where you feel yourself. Choose to adapt your perfume according to your moods and your toilet and leave behind you a fresh and pleasant wake.

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