Iris Perfumes

Our iris perfumes made in France from this available collection are designed to enhance the body and personality of men and women looking for a sophisticated fragrance.

History of a flower with rhizomes: the iris

3000 years before Jesus Christ, the first trace of the Iris is in Egypt. In Greek mythology, Iris is the messenger of the gods and appears in the form of a rainbow, in reference to the multiplicity of colors of the plants whose name she bears.

The iris is one of the most prestigious products used in perfumery. The fleur-de-lis is an exceptional material, the emblem of the kings of France, of which Charlemagne made it a scepter, made popular by Clovis. The Christian religion has made the rainbow of mythology a legacy, this is how the iris is reincarnated. Another royal heritage of the iris, it is nicknamed blue gold.

This rhizome plant has several varieties, shades of scent and colors, it is found in black, midnight blue, violet... It is the rhizomes, or roots that are used for perfumery. We find the Germanica iris in Italy and the Pallida iris in Morocco and Italy. The chemical process of smelling the iris is called irone. Irone is found in the roots of the iris Pallida and Germanica, and other iridaceae. It is a scent of choice in perfumery.

The long drying process for distillation and the low yield make these flowers an olfactory note and a luxury product in perfumery.

A powdery and shy trail

Widely used today in the composition of a multitude of renowned perfumes, from the smallest house to the largest in the art of the nose, the iris Pallida or Germanica goes well with other flowers such as rose, jasmine, neroli , violet, with fruits such as mandarin or bergamot, but also with other families like amber or musk.

The top notes of the iris perfume are tinged with powdery aspects.

The heart note is more earthy and pastel green.

The base notes are airy and fresh.

Iris perfume: for whom?

The iris-scented woman is sophisticated, elegant and curious. The iris perfume or eau de toilette attracts the youngest and teenage girls as well as women, whatever their age, who recognize themselves in these powder-type smells, feminine with an earthy and green background. The iris is a luxurious flower, derived from plant material. It is suitable for natural women. You will easily find the girl who sleeps in you, by delicately perfuming yourself with your iris-scented water symbolizing trust and friendship!

Men's perfumes with iris are dark, dark and charismatic night fragrances. They find accords with bergamot, lavender, pepper, mandarin...

Practical and elegant, our perfumes are all eco-responsible . We compose our spray perfumes by a master perfumer in France, in the heart of Provence. We strive to offer everyone the possibility of wearing perfume with a range of exceptional iris products at the fairest price!