Vetiver Perfumes

Immerse yourself in the fresh and invigorating universe of vetiver and find your vetiver perfume for men or women made in France in our available collection.

The story of an intense herb: vetiver

Vetiver is native to India and tropical areas, despite belonging to the woody family, it is not a tree or a wood! Tuft of green grass reaching two meters, its perfume is extracted by drying its roots. After distillation, we obtain a liquid with an amber scent , powerful, which becomes woody.

Around 1900, it was recognized as having an olfactory virtue. The smell, young, is used to assemble perfumes, in small quantities to fix the top notes. In the middle of the century, the particular smell, all in intensity, is noticed. A first perfume house embarked on the creation of a fragrance with vetiver as the main note. Each perfumery house then added to its collections a product, a spray, a bottle, an eau de toilette, a perfume... with a vetiver scent, elegant and sophisticated, making vetiver famous throughout the world.

Fougere accords, from the family of woody fragrances

For men or women, vetiver perfume is often worn in summer in a fresh fragrance , or for evenings, at night, for special occasions. Vetiver fragrances go well with elegant black and white outfits that reveal the intensity of your personality.

Vetiver perfume is a must in men's perfumery . It represents strong men, sure of their masculinity and elegance. It is a great classic for the elegant, timeless man who is rooted in his values ​​and his freedom.

Vetiver goes well with notes of citrus, lemon or flowers. The scent blends with one or more tones, sometimes more oriental , sometimes more musky or amber. Rediscover it with contradictory notes of neroli or vanilla. Vetiver takes you on an experience of unparalleled olfactory intensity for all ages, with a sober and elegant bottle, providing freshness and hold all day long.

Widely used for men's perfumes, less so for women, they nevertheless have beautiful pairings to make with. Each note, from vanilla to rose, passing through the Tonka bean associated with the intensity of the woody fragrance of this plant, guarantees an unequaled fragrance hold. The intensity of the top note enhances your elegance and self-confidence. The woman who perfumes herself with vetiver wants to be the first, in fashion, to defend a cause, to make a discovery, whatever her age. You will no longer be able to do without your perfume and take your spray bottle with you everywhere!

The top notes are green, with accents of fern.

The heart notes evolve in a minty, fresh, earthy and peppery way.

The base notes are persistent and smoky, even incense.

Assembled with a list of floral or citrus ingredients, we find a different articulation. Practical and elegant, each fragrance is eco-responsible . Our spray perfumes are composed and assembled in France, in the heart of Provence. We aim to offer everyone the possibility of wearing perfume with a collection of exceptional fragrances without allergens at the fairest price! A true olfactory experience, we offer modern and harmonized vetiver fragrances.