Cedar scents

The origins & uses of cedar

There are different types of cedar depending on its geographical location: Virginia cedar, Atlas cedar, Chinese cedar or Canadian white cedar.

The best known, the Virginia cedar, also called "red cedar" because of its color, comes from Virginia, in the United States. It is a conifer of the Cupressaceae family. It grows in poor, dry soils and needs plenty of sun. It is often used in aromatherapy in the manufacture of essential oils. It is a lymphatic and venous decongestant, it acts on cellulite. It is also antiseptic and fungicide and an expectorant. Red cedar is also used in perfumery. Its typical and regressive smell is that of a pencil being sharpened! a trip back in time guaranteed!
The 2nd best known is the white cedar. From the same Cupressaceae family, it is native to northeastern North America. It is also called "Canada cedar".

Woody, rich and powerful notes

Cedar belongs to the woody note family. Cedar has dry, powerful notes that bring a lot of personality to a fragrance.
It is a persistent note, which allows in particular (as a base note) to bring more hold to a perfumed creation. We talk about cedar as a tutor note in a perfume, a note that brings structure and stability. A note synonymous with power and elegance.
Historically more used in men's perfumes for its power and character, cedar is now widely used in women's creations . It also brings relief and hold. This woody facet goes wonderfully with all olfactory families. With other woody facets such as patchouli, vetiver , sandalwood for a fragrance with a powerful trail. But also with citrus fruits from the citrus family for more pep, vitality and freshness (and to give them that hold they lack) or even with very feminine floral notes .
Without cedar, we could not create half of the perfumes on the market.