Winter scents

Perfumes are intimate products. They reflect our personality, tell a part of our life. Among us, there are the very faithful who never change their perfume. And those who love novelty!
You change perfume according to your mood, the occasion, your outfit…. But also and very often depending on the season. Many of us have a summer scent and a winter scent.

A need for comfort and a desire to escape

When the temperatures drop, the days get shorter, you feel the urge to escape. But also a need for comfort. A need to be enveloped. In winter, we change clothes, we are more covered, bundled up, wrapped. The same goes for our perfume. It warms our skin, unlike summer perfumes which bring us more lightness and freshness (link to summer perfumes). The winter fragrance is more sensual , velvety, charismatic. It is often more powerful too, it is common to favor eau de parfum in winter vs eau de toilette in summer.

The notes of winter perfumes

This is how exotic and oriental scents are particularly appreciated in winter. We therefore find in winter perfumes spicy and aromatic notes , such as Tonka bean, black pepper or musk. Woody notes such as cedar, sandalwood, patchouli are also in high demand. Winter scents are often gourmand.
A perfume is made up of top, middle and base notes. The top notes are the first olfactory impression, they are more volatile and last the least, up to 2 hours. The heart notes give the character of the perfume and can last up to 4 hours. The base notes give perfumes their staying power and can stay even on clothes for several days! All the olfactory families present in winter perfumes (oriental, sensual, gourmand…) have many base notes, notes that last, evaporate slowly, which allow the perfume to fix. They will therefore have an excellent hold on clothes, such as scarves or sweaters, on all your winter clothes.

So a little trick to make your perfume last in winter: spray a few sprays on your scarf!