Amber fragrance

The amber perfumes made in France from our available collection invite you for a real olfactory escape.

History of amber, not always grey!

Tracing the history of amber is tricky! In the 9th century, in present-day Iraq, an emeritus doctor classified the great perfuming olfactory aromas, including amber. The word appeared in Europe in the 11th century, but it is difficult to specify whether it is the crystallized resin of trees or ambergris and its particular perfume. The perfumes, whose notes are amber, originate from ambergris, the only one used in perfumery.

In the Middle East, amber is attributed aphrodisiac virtues, whereas for a long time Western countries did not know ambergris, but only yellow amber used to make jewelry.

Having become relatively expensive, amber is then replaced by synthetic amber. Its origin comes from the stomach excrement of the humpback whale. The latter evacuates the ambergris, which dries and forms a kind of gray paste. The smell that emerges is reminiscent of the ocean and the salt of the water, resembling a marine musk and camphor.

Fresh, ambergris offers an unpleasant olfactory sensation. It is only after drying and exposure to the sun, after months, even several years, that ambergris reveals its particular scent of tobacco, an earthy, wild and marine smell. Today very easily reproducible synthetically, harvesting at sea has almost disappeared.

Surprising olfactory notes

Used to fix the smell of perfume, such as musk, or coumarin, amber has a natural olfactory color. This type of perfume goes easily with vanilla, tobacco, cinnamon, honey... Amber perfumes are among the family of oriental perfumes, with this length and this roundness in the fragrance.

A reserved woman wears fresh and light perfumes well. More voluptuous women will prefer to express their sensuality through a warm perfume, with sweet tones, amber and spicy notes, leaving a greedy, dreamlike and bewitching trail behind them. Femininity has many faces!

Warm, suave and spicy, the amber fragrances reveal their notes of character. Amber perfumes are suitable for women with a fiery temperament, extroverted and who know what they want. Those who like to please and find themselves in the midst of unanimous opinions will easily find themselves in this type of perfume. Women all in sensuality will go for an amber water that carries notes of vanilla, rose, musk and sun.

Men who wear amber scents are also seductive and assertive. Men's perfumes with amber are deep, intense and reveal a muted power. A cavernous strength and a mysterious temperament usually go hand in hand with these wild and shy scents.

We offer bewitching and sweet perfumes, which are distinguished by an olfactory background of vanilla, tobacco... Marine scent on the skin, long heart note, materials in harmony with the environment, you will find your perfume with amber notes that will accompany you on a daily basis to enhance your silhouette and reveal your personality.

The wishes of our master perfumers are to compose exceptional perfumes accessible to all, at the fairest prices!