Our woody fragrances

Immerse yourself in the forest for a moment with a single spray of your woody fragrance. We offer you in our range of woody perfumes for men and women made in France .

History of woody perfumes

Eau de toilette, perfume, eau de parfum... woody notes have a long olfactory history behind them. More raw than floral perfumes, they come directly from nature. We can count a multitude of woods famous for the composition of perfumes, from incense to sandalwood , passing by cedar , which participated in building the marvelous Hanging Gardens.

In Antiquity, bark, moss, ashes or yellow amber were used to make balms, ointments and in perfumery for religious processions. In the years 1992, the first woody perfume for women was born, with a floral olfactory note. The perfumer's nose then associates this event with a couturier who feminizes a great masculine classic like a suit.

This perfume goes well with the colors that are close to it: brown, black, blue, green. You can easily wear it with rather chic and elegant outfits, although a more casual outfit is also suitable. Vetiver , pine, sandalwood, coconut will be all possible woods to mark a strong, but calm personality.

Woody fragrances have been making French men shine since the 1940s. Associated with earth and masculinity, the woody scents combined with oriental fragrances are the marker of a strong and authentic character. The man who wears a woody fragrance is charismatic, takes his subjects to heart, sometimes sporty.

The woody fragrance offer for women has multiplied. Some are not afraid to wear perfumes with a masculine character to get out of the oriental aspect. Those who choose woody notes are adventurous, and break the codes. The note of the woody fragrance for women is captivating, combined with oriental ingredients, and increases the sensuality tenfold. She finds olfactory accords of patchouli , pine, sandalwood. Combined with bergamot, flowers such as orange blossom, rose to add a floral tone, fruit or even vanilla, the woody fragrances have an atypical look.

Olfactory notes that come from the depths of the earth

Associating heart, top or base notes is complex as the variety of woods and compositions remains multiple. The woody fragrance family has great olfactory completeness. Some ingredients in the woody family do not come from wood. It is their smell that gives them this place, in a family of perfumes rich in fragrances and base notes, such as vetiver or patchouli.

The woody scent is easy to match with a fragrance. It offers olfactory notes of fruit, flowering trees, with an oriental side for men or more floral for women. It combines cedar wood, sandalwood, with notes of vanilla, nuts...

We offer you woody fragrances with a raw scent. Select the woody fragrance that suits you. Our scents are attached to the earth and materials in harmony with the environment. Each perfumer's nose composes exceptional perfumes accessible to all, at the fairest prices!