Patchouli fragrance

Patchouli perfumes

Discover in our collection of Ynepsie perfumes made in France , perfumes for men and women that are patchouli. They leave behind them a woody trail full of character.

History of a plant that soothes: patchouli

Appearing in China, Indonesia and the Philippines, patchouli arrived in Europe in the 9th century during the Crusades. Used in perfumery, it is found in the composition of beauty products for women, men and the family.

During the Second Empire, patchouli leaves were used to wrap silks from India to meet the growing demand of Parisian women. The scent was much loved by most socialites.

Patchouli and its water are spiritual and have soothing properties. Used in cooking, in aromatherapy, in the magic of certain indigenous peoples, they are meant to convey love and wealth, symbols of reminiscence. Perfumed with patchouli was, in the 60s, associated with the rebellion. It was during the hippie movements that the fragrance took off. Used to mask certain smells, the scent of patchouli became the symbol of sexual liberation at the time.

Widely used in the composition of a multitude of renowned perfumes, from the smallest house to the largest house of the Art of the Nose, the dress of patchouli is naturally woody, and is adorned with earthy camphor smells. Many iconic perfumes have been composed with patchouli. Patchouli goes very well with other scents, such as chypre and leather scents.

An elixir that brings warmth and colors

Patchouli is truly the fragrance of modern, liberated femininity. In water, perfume or cream, it is a powerful ingredient that stands out for its woody appearance and which gives a very special character to the scent. Today, widely used in perfumery, it is also used to design niche perfumes for men.

Ladies, your patchouli bottle will enhance your most colorful outfits. It will sublimate your silhouette and will go perfectly with a white bottom and a sky blue or multicolored top.

The top notes of the patchouli perfume are fruity, citrusy with rose tones.

The heart note is more woody, with notes of sandalwood, cedar, vetiver.

The base notes of the patchouli perfume range from amber to vanilla to tonka bean.

The base note, the most appreciated, brings all the femininity to this particular fragrance. Patchouli has a long hold, with a very present note.

The patchouli fragrance is suitable for adventurous and epicurean women. Those who find themselves in this smell of vanilla and amber are atypical women and artists at heart who take every cause to heart.

Practical and elegant, our available bottles offer the possibility for everyone to perfume themselves with an exceptional perfume at the fairest price! A real olfactory experience, we offer you modern and harmonized patchouli perfumes.