Sandalwood perfumes

Sandalwood, an authentic material that elevates souls, is revealed in our available collection of sandalwood perfumes made in France .

History of a precious wood: sandalwood

4000 years ago, sandalwood was used to embalm Egyptian mummies with its woody fragrance. Originally from India, it comes from a small tree from which the olfactory essence is extracted from the still yellow bark. Sandalwood is part of the woody family, along with rosewood, oud, cedar...

Best known for the design of men's perfumes , we have seen it flourish recently in women's perfume with unexpected accords of vanilla, sea water, ylang-ylang, geraniol, or coumarin. Sandalwood is used in oil, eau de toilette, eau de parfum, incense perfume and even in aromatherapy.

A thick and comfortable trail

Sandalwood is a reassuring scent. Combined with other ingredients, it becomes a unique composition and offers an unparalleled olfactory dream. Used by a multitude of renowned perfumes, from the smallest house to the largest in the art of the nose, sandalwood goes well with an infinity of notes, whether it is a flower, a rose, another wood , a more earthy and woody note, a more amber background, vanilla... India being its country of origin, we know it has spiritual and sensual notes. It is widely used in every place of worship, every spiritually engaged house, because it circulates energies.

Sandalwood is not a strong-smelling fragrance, but it lasts a long time. Its olfactory notes, either woody, spicy, slightly floral and musky.

In the top note, we will find hawthorn and elemi, as well as a thick and oily side.

The heart note takes root in the very essence of the material, the woody and wild aspect. We find cedar and sandalwood, exceptional woods.

The base notes are unique: tonka bean and musk.

The scent of sandalwood: for whom?

When we think of this tree, we immediately think of men's fragrances. Warm and reassuring, sandalwood fragrances accompanied by choice ingredients: vanilla, musk, amber... are suitable for elegant and discreet men. This fragrance has many faces and is made for all ages. We find it with licorice, linalool accords to bring a floral touch, or citronellol for a lemony touch. Achieve unanimity and overthrow opinions with a great classic of perfumery, a sandalwood fragrance for men.

Sandalwood perfumes for women are modern. Choose a floral or citrusy bottle , with a woody base, containing notes of courmarin, coconut, ylang-ylang and many other ingredients. Leave a streak behind you that matches your rebellious, fresh and lively personality.

All our elegant bottles are eco-responsible and practical. Our master perfumers, based in France, compose our perfume collections in the heart of Provence. Our goal is to offer everyone the opportunity to perfume themselves with an exceptional sandalwood perfumery offer at the fairest price!