Light fragrances for summer

Summer is one of the most beautiful seasons to admire the colorful flowers after spring. During its long sunny days, the light perfumes float in the air like a suspended olfactory note!

A note of summer

Summer is the time of year when beauty unfolds. Colors and smells intertwine to remind us of the feeling of hot sand under our feet, the warmth of the shimmering sun, the scents of orange blossom , ylang-ylang, bergamot, vanilla or exotic notes. that float in the air. Your summer perfume takes you on vacation! Light and fresh, summer fragrances stand out from winter fragrances , rounder with thicker olfactory accords.

Summer perfumes for men or women must match your personality, the atmosphere and the season, but also enhance the beauty of this sweet period. As the warm weather approaches, change your usual fragrance for a more colorful note. Summer perfumes, often from the citrus family, go well with citral, white musk , the famous spring flower, tuberose. White musk replaces eau de cologne to fix the floral notes. Like a floral bouquet, with tuberose, jasmine, rose… no flower can resist the scent of summer!

Why choose a summer perfume?

Summer men's fragrances stand out with aquatic , musk, citrus or floral notes such as geranium in the heart and base notes, for a fragrance offering freshness and tonicity. We find citral, lemon, blood orange, grapefruit and bergamot to compose this collection of summer fragrances. Choose your fragrance to accompany your sunny moments or your mild summer evenings, according to your desires. The summer fragrance for men is invigorating, fresh, sometimes woody.

Summer perfumes for women are multifaceted. We find the floral perfume , with notes like rose, jasmine, tuberose, ylang-ylang, which easily seduce a serious and active woman. The base notes of tangy fruits such as raspberry, lemon or even strawberry go well with a light and floral fragrance. Exotic accords of coconut, mango, fruits of the sun, such as melon or peach can mingle with an oriental or citrus fragrance, they will delight the sporty and optimistic woman. Geraniol, rose, citral are also widely used, for deeper fragrances, to wear during evenings and will be present in heart and base notes.

Eau de toilette is used more in summer than perfumes, because it is lighter. A suitable summer perfume will allow you to keep your favorite fragrance on your skin all day long, to enjoy its delicious base notes.

The master perfumer creators assemble a collection of unique fragrances for each season, available to everyone, at the fairest prices!