Sensual fragrances

Sensual perfumes are a real lethal weapon of seduction. Find your made in France fragrance in our available collection.

An intoxicating wake

A sensual perfume will be your charm asset of choice to captivate a man or a woman in your wake. The olfactory family of oriental perfumes is the impalpable sensory illustration of sensuality, although we find a sensual fragrance in all the other olfactory families.

Perfume has always appealed to seduction. Musk was already considered an aphrodisiac and a fertility ingredient. It is then used for the toilet, is consumed, spread on the skin in Antiquity and the Chinese and Mongol empires.

Today in France, fragrances of seduction include in their composition a multitude of products and ingredients such as flowers, orange blossom, monoi, rose, jasmine, vanilla pods and many others! The sensual fragrances developed have no borders and therefore find their ingredients in each olfactory family to create an absolute elixir, which defines you. The sensual perfume promises you an unforgettable wake with an assumed and sweet smell at the same time.

Why choose a sensual perfume?

Sensual fragrances are worn with outfits that heighten the eroticism: a dress, a burgundy red top, black, warm and intriguing chocolate tones.

Warm or wild atmosphere, we unveil sweet perfumes with thick and captivating top, heart and base notes that will accompany you for a gala evening, for Valentine's Day, for an intimate date. Revealing your beauty and your sex appeal, your perfume with its sensual olfactory tone brings voluptuousness and desire to the person you are.

Sensual fragrances for men are numerous, although they are products that have been slow to see the light of day, even among the major perfume houses. In the 20th century, very marked and masculine scents were considered sensual. Since 2010, there has been a trend towards more mysterious accords, worked and assembled with delicacy, sweet, aquatic and invigorating scents. We find in particular scents of flowers, such as geranium, orange blossom, wood such as patchouli, sandalwood but also musk, vanilla...

Sensual fragrances for women are intended for those who love to seduce, mark minds and opinions. We find in our collection enveloping and warm scents. The composition and assembly of captivating fragrances include vanilla, white musk, as well as a floral accord that can replace eau de cologne. An oriental perfume, meanwhile, will wrap all the sensuality of your body to increase your seduction tenfold with accords of honey, date, monoi.

We compose perfumes for every occasion and provide you with a collection of unique fragrances available at the fairest prices! The precious elixir is revealed in an eco-responsible bottle to reveal all your beauty.